þetta er heimskulegt
Don't bother asking me questions about how I should change my name to Greenland. That's stupid. I like my name. And besides, it is cold here, it does snow, and no, just no.

(( Hello ~ I am the admin here. You can call me whatever your little heart wants, but my real name is Kathleen c: ))

m!a list…do your worst!


  • Sick as a Dog: Muse is ill for 24 hours (Anon specifies symptoms).
  • Can’t Sleep: Muse cannot sleep until another person says their full name, no matter how tired they are.
  • Help: Muse believes he/she is trapped in their current location for 5 hours.
  • Flaming Youth: Muse is rebellious and easily angered for 8 hours.
  • Opposites: Muse switches from very angry/depressed to very happy/cheerful every other hour for 10 hours.
  • Darkness: Muse is blind for 24 hours.
  • Silence: Muse is deaf for 24 hours.
  • Shaking Hands: Muse is suddenly freezing cold and can’t stop shivering for (Anon specifies time).
  • Spirit Animal: Muse is turned into an animal (Anon decides what) for 12 hours.
  • Hungry like the Wolf: Muse is starving, no matter how much he/she eats for 10 hours.
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What is the Mun’s and Muse’s relationship in one gif?









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(( oh my thank you ouo;; ))

I love your ships but do you ship NorIce?


(( I do yes. 
It actually used to be the only one I did not ship until my Norway/Hong Kong on a different website wore me down with awesome fan art and sad feelings. ))

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(( I have decided that for my 200 followers thingy that I’ll answer questions in a video. 
Like just how I would normally go about it with gifs, only this time a video? Yeah. 
So you’ll hear my voice and fun stuff. 

And I will answer every question as Iceland so yeah. 
You can start now if you’d like. 
And I’ll get the video done and up by tomorrow <3 

Thank you guys so much ~ ))

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Lilli held out a flower to the silver-haired boy. "Vould you like one?" she asked.

Emil blinked a few times before answering. “I guess so?” 

Mun I was wondering do you have any ships with your Iceland. ( BTW Your a great Iceland )


(( oh gosh thanks-

I kind of ship Iceland with everyone to be honest. So I like all of his ships.
But my favorite has to be Romania and Iceland.
Then HongIce, AmeIce, and Egypt x Iceland. c: ))

(( for munday have a list of future cosplays that is really just for me because I need to put it somewhere. 

  • Dapper Iceland
  • Homestuck troll Iceland (fem too)
  • 2p fem Iceland
  • Iceland in traditional Icelandic clothing (fem as well)
  • demon Iceland (gonna do fem too)
  • Puppet Iceland (I’d need someone else to be the puppet master sadly. This is a must save for when I get a cosplaying boyfriend.)

idk I will probably get more ideas later, knowing me. 

oh and here are the ones I have:

  • Iceland (lol duh)
  • Fem Iceland
  • Fallen angel Iceland
  • Hipster Iceland
  • 2p Iceland (half way. I got the wig) 

Yep I’m hella lame and only cosplay Iceland.
I have a problem haha— ))

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